Since 2002, I have been creating engaging visual communications for institutions of higher education, non-profits, and others. An award-winning graphic designer and business owner, I earned my BA in Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University and a Graduate Certificate in Graphic Design from Massachusetts College of Art. After living in Boston for 9 years and Los Angeles for 5 years, I am back in my hometown of Nashville. 

I am exceptionally good at:
• Getting it done. On time and on budget.
• Understanding audiences
• Communicating effectively and collaborating with clients
• Achieving clean design
• Having a keen eye for photography and color
• Being detail-oriented and organized
• Working within a variety of brand standards

I love:
• The tactile qualities of print design
• Cooking, hiking, traveling, reading
• Engaging in community service and social justice
• Making a positive difference
• Spending time with my family and kitties